Is there a tool to visualize/react trading reports on charts?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mcgene4xpro, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    There are many trading reports out there i wish i could have to visualize them on a chart. I believe this would be much easier to find some clues regarding the trading logic, risk management and etc. behind them.

    Is there any tool that could be used to achieve this?

    For example, read the reports from and show the report for me as a backtest on MT4? I know there are many limitations but i believe with some compromise it could be done.

    Limitations such broker difference, time difference and etc..

    However, if you know such a tool, plz share.

  2. j0b0123


    If a developer gives enough trading signals (entry and exit) you should be able to use Excel to put them on a price chart to see where the signals occur.

    Many developers do not want to do this for 1) fear of giving away the secret sauce (if its chart pattern based) and 2) the method only works in spurts/patches of the market and extensive data would show the risks - and lower sales :) , and 3) the air of mystery about some "hidden secret discovered by a homeless guy who stumbled upon it after extensive research" sells to the masses ...

    Also there are some very smart people who, given enough datapoints, can reverse engineer almost any trading system. The rules might not be exact nor the methods to generate trades, but a very similar system can be created.