Is there a tool for drawing a 45 degree angle on a chart

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  1. I have read in this forum that a 45 degree angle is the ideal angle to use on a chart. I would like to draw a 45 degree angle in advance, but I am not sure how close the lines I draw are to an actual 45 degree angle. Do you use any type of tool to assist you in drawing the 45 degree angle? Is there a method you could suggest? Thanks.
  2. look for gann lines included with some packages
  3. what software package are you using
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    I see someone didn't finish middle school. 45 degree is the easiest to draw, because, well it goes in the middle. You go 1 unit to the right, 1 unit up, and connect that point to the axis...

    Or you could just use this:

  5. I am using ThinkorSwim, Cdcave.
  6. in TOS under drawings you could uses fibonacci fans
  7. That's great. I have never used the Fib fans before and didn't know what to make of them. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. draw a square, bisect the square with a diagonal line, remove square
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    Just beware that the actual degrees of an angle drawn on a chart will change anytime you crunch down, stretch out, or alter the X Y dimensions of your chart.
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