Is there a Stock market replay software? (backtesting)

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  1. I'm searching for a software where i can replay the stock history. So that i can test my Day trading strategie. The only software i found is Tradingsim. It's actually the perfect software, but i miss OTC markt data there and it's necessary for me. Anyone know such a software? Paid or Free
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  3. it doesn't have stocks...
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    The problem with manually backtesting an older date is that you still know what happened. I suggest you consider forward testing with live data like using the sterling trader pro simulator. Cost is about $65/month plus market data. If you like the software, we offer this for live trading.
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    You could use a free general-purpose real-time screen video capture program like Open Broadcaster Software "OBS"

    Takes a little bit of time to get the hang of it, there are several video tutorials on the web, mostly at utube

    On a mac at least, you can move the captured window and OBS to be mostly hidden on the screen, to enable use of other windows -- the computer screen does not have to be dedicated to capture of one window.
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    Yes, the software does. You just have to connect to a broker that supports trading stocks with NT software. Ninja is primarily a software-platform company, that only recently got into the brokerage business. (About 4 years ago). So while their brokerage may not offer stock trading, their software supports it with a broker like TD Ameritrade or IBKR that allows stock trading.

    My broker only does futures, but in the software I can see the options to choose stock lists. It's "an empty function" for me, as it were, since my broker does not support stock trading.
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    U should try “thinkorswim” on demand option. They allow u to replay any given day of a stock going back up to 10 years or so. U even have the option to choose the exact time u want to see replay in a given day and the ability to even pass forward or play the data 3x real time speed. I have been using this to back test my strategies for years and I absolutely love it.

    Thinkorswim offer this service for free as long as u have an account open. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.
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    InvestorRT will play back.
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    MotiveWave has Replay Mode and full strategy backtesting, optimization, walk forward testing and reporting. You'd connect to any of our supported brokers or data service providers who cover stocks.
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  10. Do you provide the market replay for NSE, BSE India?

    Please let us know if available, I would love to check the demo first.
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