Is there a software program available that allows you to create realtime indicators

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  1. I want to create real time indicators like the "TICK" or the "TRIN". I have quote tracker but I dont believe it allows you to create this type of indicator. Anyone know of a software package that allows this sort of thing.

    I know it exists because I've heard fund managers that have desinged there own real time indicators.
  2. C99


  3. 2ticks


  4. Just find the quote-symbol for $TICK and $TRIN from your data-provider and put them in the QT list. You can chart them then. I did.

  5. The nearest thing to QT in price is Sierra Chart. It has excellent high and low level programmability.
  6. See Index-Lab by the folks at

    - Spydertrader
  7. No, what I want to do is create my own version of a TICK or TRIN indicator..

    Basically I want to be able to combine information from many different quotes into one real time indicator number. Like the way the tick is a comglomerate of the ticks on the nyse... I want to include volume data and such all into one indicator. Not really concerned with charting...
  8. If you have some programming skills (Java and SQL), you can accomplish that easily (and free) with any event stream processing platform. That's what I do for custom real-time indicators, not that anyone on ET cares.
  9. Do you think its possible for a laymen to beable to program that sort of thing with in a reasonable time frame of studying those languages?
  10. You can probably hack something together from sample code relatively quickly, but it's important that you understand the API docs. What data feed are you using ? Maybe I can help...
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