Is there a safe, big broker for European stock trading?

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  1. Hi there,

    There are numerous big and well capitalized independent and bank owned brokers in the US but I can't find much here in the EU. I'm looking for one of these things:

    - A big independent brokerage firm that is well capitalized. By big I mean Fidelity or Charles Schwab big, here in the EU to trade EU equities and bonds.

    - An EU subsidiary of the largest US brokers (i.e. Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc.) which accepts EUR deposits and allows us to trade on the EU stock markets.

    - A big European bank that has a brokerage arm and which allows residents from other EU countries to open an account with them remotely, over the internet.

    - Alternatively I'm interested in any bank owned brokerage company regardless where it is located if it is a large and well known bank and it offers remote account opening with their brokerage arm for EU residents and they offer trading on EU stock markets.

    Make this thread a collection of such brokers. Please add your favorite and consider adding the pros and cons of the one you recommend or don't recommend. Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers should not be mentioned as I think everyone knows about them. I don't really trust Saxo since their Fx scandal and IB doesn't come close to the size of Fidelity, Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade.
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    what do you have against IB ? that should make any recommendation more helpfull ... IB could be bigger than you think ...
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  4. Nothing, except the max. €20,000 / account holder deposit protection for EU customers who open an account with their UK subsidiary. Plus, I clearly said that everyone knows IB so it doesn't makes sense to talk about them in a topic that's not about them. I just checked your link. Indeed, they're tiny compared to the other US giants in terms of AUM.
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    whatever ... you don't come across as being too smart ...
  6. Thank you for your opinion and consider spending your time with/on people you consider to be smart.
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    It has been like a decade someone managed to get on my ignore list ... you managed to do this in less than a week at ET. Congratulations ...
  8. Please do what makes you feel better. Have a lovely Sunday.
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    do you have anger/envy because, the ceo of IB, mr. peterffy left Hungary, your home country, and became a great American success story?
  10. Mr. Thomas Peterffy left my country because he wanted to and I'm really happy he did so because he managed to create one of the best brokers on the planet. Still, this thread is not about IB but other brokers. I believe there are plenty of threads to discuss how IB works, what they charge, how safe or how big they are. This isn't one of them.
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