Is there a real professional profitable day/swing trader in here?

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  1. I am talking about consistent profitable trader, not the kind "win 5K today" , lose 6K tomorrow. If you are one, would you mind answering the following questions:

    1/ How long did it take you to become profitable?
    2/ Did you get any formal training?
    3/ Did you lose a lot at the beginning?

    Lastly, would you take student and train them to be like you? Of course with fees, etc..

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  2. speedo


    1 Years
    2 Yes, mostly of little use.
    3 Not at the beginning (tail end of the tech bull) but oh yeah once the bear commenced.
    4 No
  3. fan27


    1. Different levels of success at different time intervals
    2. In software engineering, yes. In Quant finance, no
    3. No
    4. "Student" would have to know how to write code
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  4. padutrader


    most of us go on the same road that you are going on.....i have been travelling on it for 25 years......
    the last ten on day trading.

    it is my opinion that too much analysis is done with esoteric formula and focus on market internals,all to find out where the market will be in the future.

    what the market is doing now and sometimes what the market is not doing, is sufficient to reach your goal which is profit.
    this can be done with simple observation.....and it has to be done for years until you 'know' the market.

    it is a privilege if you have Tiger Woods to teach you golf.....but is a dangerous assumption if you believe you can piggy back him to success.

    the main advantage of trading is that you can make millions without needing a lot of my suggestion is just look at the market movements,trade on sim, or trade using 10 usd.....and do this on your own.
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  5. That's such a good analogy IMO.
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  6. 25 years and you're still singing the slave song, honorable Sir?

    Forgive him Father for he knows not that the rich folk preach to the poor, "work hard till your knuckles are blue and then you can have the riches WE grant thee, a 4 bdrm house with garden, 4 kids, loaded to the hilt with student debt from outrageously priced colleges, & other debt so crippling you got's no room to breathe or enjoy. Welcome to Jail". . . the subliminal message, " welcome to death in Life"

  7. demo is only good for trading like an hft. that's why demo traders make money. demo us good for learning order types. the algos at the CME are highly aggressive. it is basically like an expensive pacman. if you trade futures drill down to a 5 trade tick chart or 2 or 3 seconds..then place an order 1 lot..3 or 4 levels away in the night will immediately see the once quiet mkt. wake up. becareful of getting filled. quickly move order down 2 more levels. then you will see the algo give chase and cancel into you. the last change at the cme has made it exceedingly more difficult to profit. consolidated fill messages. the hft are gaming each and every 1 lot order. try and see. you will understand now why the mkt will always go against you initially and keep pressing you even if you reverse.
  8. you can run a demo emini account and orders do nothing of course but place a real order and they will come attack you everytime. algos also work in unison
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    since you want to focus on my personal attributes i am also ugly arrogant....think i am the greatest trader in the world even though i have been losing money for decades...give me your email and i will send you 100 pages with even more of my personal traits
  10. trade stocks not futures. most hft in stock provide liquidity. yes they pull it at times but the field is more level in 2010 there were only 21000 retail futures accounts. during the flash crash there were only 9000 terminals connected to globex including all terminals. retail traders make up about 2% of emini volume so 1.4 million contracts..only 28,000 of that million five volume is retail.
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