Is there a real difference between having 200 million or 500 million?

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  1. I spent some days on holiday at the beach here.... Where all the rich go.

    Think like St Tropez or stuff like that although less well known obviously...

    Appartments go for like 10 milion USD which might not sound a lot compared to Malaga or whatever but it is here...

    Anyway.... as the markets crashed I was thinking a lot of these people I see her driving their huge SUV's and spending big cash on where they stay and eat etc are as we speaking losing loads of money.

    The crash of 08 scared a lot of them out of the markets probably or at least made them more diversified but anyway yada yada yada...

    Say you had 100 million and you lost 50 or you had 500 million and you lost 300....

    Does it makes any kind of difference really?

    I'm sure it must feel shit but does it actually calls for a change in lifestyle?

    Or is it more status and having to be able to keep up with your peers looking wealthy as ever?

    These aren't the circles I find myself in so I was wondering about the impact of a market crash on their lives.

    I "know" personally one "ultra" rich (probably +100 million) person who really lost like maybe half of his money in the crash of 08 or more being invested primarely in 1 financial institution that isnt around anymore but as far as I can tell... It changed little really.

    Doesnt it at a certain point becomes more of a game like....

    Oh yeah i have 70 milion shit its down to 50 million hooray its up to 60 million...

  2. I can officially confirm that i have not felt a huge amount of difference. :)
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    Yes, there's a massive difference. With 500m you can give far more away to worthy causes and help people than if you have 200million. Sure, live a good life but for many it's hard to have everything and give virtually nothing to those less fortunate.

    But if you're a shallow prick there's also a difference because you'll view life from a materialistic viewpoint. For example, you'll be pissed off that somebody has a bigger boat or apartment than you etc. Believe me, those people will never be happy + what a way to live your life.
  4. About $300 Million, give or take?.
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    The difference is $300 million.

    Glad I could help.
  6. Knew somebody would post this.

    If it's possible to just have 500 million and still have common sense there's no reason to be disheartened by the reduction to 200 million unless there's reason to believe the losses will continue until a drastic reduction is lifestyle is possible.

    Nobody needs hundreds of million$ except paranoids and neurotics.
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    Or a Philanthropist...
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    I wouldn't be able to fund my high tech underground hideout, orbiting mind control lasers, team of henchmen, personal army, and attack submarine with a mere $200 million.

    There's a certain minimum requirement for being a super villain, you know.
  9. Most of the super villains I know are either paranoid or neurotic. Not all of them of course, but most. Nothing personal.
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    Of course I'm paranoid. The super villains who aren't paranoid are dead.
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