Is there a 'prop' trading service for swing traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by thisguy1, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Just found this forum, some interesting stuff here. I looked over some websites after reading some of the posts and most of them seem to be catering to pure daytrading.

    My style is more longer term - trying to get 3-10%+ moves in whatever the time frame ... usually a few days to few weeks. This averages about 10-15 trades a month and I try to hold about 3-8 positions at any 1 time. It's been quite successful. However I would like to leverage this on a larger base of money, without getting killed on the charges.

    I don't need an office, a computer system, a TI line or a mentor - I've been learning "on" the job since getting into the market 10+ years ago, and finally have something that works for me but generating 25% return on $30,000 versus $300,000 would be a huge difference obviously - so I am wonder what resources are out there if any; even if it were to double or triple my available capital I can put up it would be nice.

    Also if someone has a solution could you give me an idea of what it would cost me ballpark? Thank you, Mark
  2. Margin will give you 2:1 overnight (4:1 intraday). That's doubling your available capital.

    It will cost you... whatever margin rates are for the year.