Is there a program to plot your daily

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Dominic, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Dominic


    profit and loss on a chart to show your equity curve? There must be some program that I could enter my daily P&L which would form some type pattern or curve. I found that after approx 8 winning trades I would have a drawdown so I have started to trade more cautious around those times. Any help or insight much appreciated.

  2. microsoft excel....among others
  3. Boomer


    i have messed with excel spreadsheets, but does anyone have a template that works well for them? if you wouldnt mind sharing, that would be great...
  4. Dominic:

    Try checking out and check out Trading System Testing Software. The price is for less than $50 but you need to input your data by hand. Also, for a price, the author will taylor the program to your needs.

    If you have IB as your broker, check out This software will keep tract of your trades you made through TWS and among other things, create an equity curve and the data is downloaded into the program. Also, it prepares the stats need for your year end taxes. The light version is about $199.

    Finally, check out for their accounting software which I believe also calculates and equity curve from the data furnished by your broker. I supports downloads from a number of on line brokers.

    Hope that helps
  5. Dominic


    Thanks OrangeCat; I appreciate the help.
  6. Dustin


    I plot my daily, but I think you are referring to plotting intraday also...? It would be tough to plot intraday with more than 20+ trades.
  7. Dominic


    What do you use to plot your daily? Excel? What are the plug ins you use?


  8. Dustin


    I just use excel...fairly basic to set up. No fancy plugins needed.
  9. lindq


    In Excel, simply create a column listing the gains/losses of each trade. Next to that column, create another column that uses those gains/losses to sum a running total. (You are just adding each gain/loss to the cell before it.) Then use the Excel charting function to access that column of data, and it will chart it for you as a rising and falling equity curve. Play with it, and you'll find your way.