Is there a problem with Volume on IB Charts?

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  1. I'm usually all price action but today I added volume to my charts on IB. I thought the info was real time until I hit the refresh button an hour into the day and all the values and the size of the bar for volume changed for every single bar. So then I started hitting refresh every 10 minutes and the #s kept changing. So I'm thinking is it just me or does everyone have this problem?
  2. yeah - volume is a bit messed and mine dissapears when i link the charts and switch symbols... you can get esignal as an add on - and the charts are way better...
  3. yep. same problem. i reported it to IB; no reply yet.

    been this way for a long time.
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    Fortunately volume is secondary in importance to price;
    IB seems to think so too, i reported it many months ago, also:D

    Vol seems and is frequently inaccurately low, SPY,QQQQ.....
  5. it seems to update a bit better [automatically] on bar/candle charts. line is completely broken.
  6. Once a person gets serious about making money they do to real time feeds as a rule.

    What is nice about volume is that it leads price.

    Thus, it is also a very good risk minimization tool as well.

    To build a universe of stocks for trading, four of the best six metrics relate to volume, while only two relate to price.

    Most people who are beginners do EOD trading; then as they leave full time jobs they turn to monitoring during the day.

    Volume becomes even more important at that time.

    It is much more macho to use both price and volume and people do get to the place of great macho after a while.

    When a person begins to time markets and trading, then the P, V relationship really comes into play.

    Stepping up from an averag of 2 1/2 % a day on stocks to double or more this basic money velocity pace, requires that a person have a "hot" list prepared prior to the day's upcoming trading.

    Here the selected stock universe is "rotated" into position using leading indicator signals of volume. Most commonly, Stochastics and MACD are used.

    Presently you can prepare lists that will give you 20% runs and daily, you will find that about 15 stocks are available. The run up is a position trading matter over 2, 3, or 4 days.

    I have used four such run ups (30% over three days) on NTRI as an example in 2006.

    Attached is a simple reference sheet that gives the volume rules to follow for operating at the high daily money velocity rules mentioned above. It is a requirement to be looking at the markets with real time data; a good next step for you to consider taking.
  7. Here is the attachment
  8. This is still a problem. Even the price information is wrong on IB at times. For example, sometimes when I hit the refresh button the H/L for some bars change right long with the usual changes for the volume bars.
    Its unbelievable. Does using QT as a front end solve this problem?
    I guess I'm going to have to create one of those dreaded polls.
  9. nassau


    anyone else having problems with IB data today.
    we lost IB data several times this morning and at open. We have relogged in and am missing volume and data on some stocks. this happened yesterday and we have noticed as soon as market closes at 4 we lose most of the bid/ask prices.
    it is not our internet as one of our remote traders in the UK called me this morning having the same problems the last few days.

    we have also noticed data freezing and notices of stock haltings ie smh when in reality it was not

  10. IB volume is understated all day, all data on every bar for the entire days activity is off, and, it even varies from account to account. i log into separate accounts, and it varies across all of them, and the main theme is, they are all understated and misrepesentative of the actual activity. i thought at first that it may they are truncating the values a set percentage amount universally, so that at least it might be visually interpretable, (like who the hell wants yet another item to recalculate in their minds), but, i have discovered this is not so, and they are also off on a ratio/percentage basis, relative to itself, so that net-net, it is unreliable from a quick graphical read. ah's.

    so, for those of you that are able to 'refresh' your charts, throughout the day, how is that done. can it be done wothout having to close and re-open a chart(s).


    here's an example of todays volume, that is inaccurate
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