Is there a platform completely web based?

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  1. Hey all,

    I've caught the bug for trading the e-mini S&P futures. I want to trade it during the day, but unfortunately I have a day job. Sneaking a trade here and there has never been a problem for me as a swing trader and I could probably get away with setting a few trades for the e-mini during the day because I'm basically an autonomous professional who makes good $$$ for the firm.

    But here's the problem. I can't download a trading platform on my computer. The cybercops at my job are always looking for unregistered software and finding a downloaded platform wouldn't be something that my Boss could "look the other way". So I need the entire platform to be web-based. I'd love it if there was something like but that also provides the ability to trade the ES and which has a trailing stop.

    Is there a "good" site out there like that? I don't need it to be real complex, but it would be nice if I could have a few essential T.A. indicators at my disposal.


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    Have the platform running on you home PC. For about '$20/month you can use a citrix program called gotomypc. On anyone's browser, you can sign in, see your desk top, trade from anywhere you can get a stable Internet connection. You will have the added bonus of always having access to you personal files through drag and drop. I can even use my iPad to access my desk top, but that's not great for trading.

    Good luck...
  3. MB Trading has been working on a web version of their platform -- looks like it's still in beta mode, but if you have an account and are feeling brave, they'll let you test it out for them :) Looks pretty slick . . .
  4. The sounds like the solution I was looking for.

    I was very interested in the strategy runner, but apparently you still have to download some software...or at least you do for the demo.

    The beta...well...I better not.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. Sounds like my company - we always say IT is the at the top of the chain - even the CEO can't override their decisions, etc.

    What we have however is a set of computers off the main domain and we control the PCs including Anti-Virus, etc. We don't allow them (out IT group) to put their keyboard spy type software (or do anything else with) on the PCs that we control - and we have legit reasons as we test software, etc. We can't spend days finding a bug only to find out their spying software caused it, etc.

    So, maybe you just need a PC with a legit reason to just connect to the internet (not the companies servers, etc.) that you can fully control.

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    you could trade from your phone?

    more and more brokers are offering this service.
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    or you could use a windows based PC tablet this way you're not going to use the network at the job and won't get fired .
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  9. OK, I'm still trying to find something.

    OEC is nice, and I tried using a remote connect like gotomypc to control it. The problem there is it just takes too darn long to log in. And that process still downloads onto my PC anyway. Like I say, just too slow.

    I also found and i love it. They have a web-based browser, and a very intuitive platform I can use at home. But no trailing stop! WTH? Why would someone make a futures platform without a trailing stop? If it had one, it would be my choice.

    I tried that link from interactive traders (or whatever). It goes directly to a log-in page. Couldn't figure out how to make that work.

    I just need a simple browser-based system that runs off HTML that will give me like one graph with a couple of simple indicators and a buy and sell button....and a trailing stop. Something that I can get in, make a trade, and get out in like 15 seconds. Surely someone makes that, right?

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