Is there a place to download ASCII tick data....Problem with Multicharts

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  1. So I am using multicharts, and trade mainly from CVB and Tick Charts. My current data feed is TransAct.

    There is only a certain amount of historical tick data i can collect when connected to TransAct's servers.

    For example, if I connect to the TransAct feed at the during the trading day(Say during lunch time), and haven't had Multicharts on all day, it usually won't collect the day's data. And will only start from the time I connect. So I'll miss the morning sessions' info.

    It usually does ok with long bar, or minute data.

    So basically for me to collect the correct amount of tick data, my MC has to be running at all times during market hours.

    And sometimes, even if my pc is on all day, as it was on the 23rd and the 24th, the data just dissappears when I restart the platform. I had the data but now it's gone.

    -So has anyone had this problem with MC before, and has anyone fixed it?

    I-s there a place where I can download and import ASCII data to fill in the gaps?

    -And has anyone found a datafeed better to use than TransActs?

    I'm attaching a chart of how data dissappears.
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    Everyone using MC with Transact has the same problem. Only TSS can fix it.

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    Subscribe for Esignal or iQfeed which backfills...
  4. What is TSS?
  5. Checking them out now. Is one better than the other, any experience with either?

    Is it possible to have Time and Sales with any of the feeds with MC?
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    TSS is the name of the company that created MultiCharts.
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    A very good question. I asked the same a few weeks ago on TSS forum, but they didn't answer.

    Let's hope Andrew finds this thread and answers. Or you can post this question here. Andrew visits this Multichatrs thread on elitertrader quite often:
  8. Thanks!

    It would be nice if MC could be like a all in one charting package one day?
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    This would be nice indeed :cool: