Is there a "other side" to this AIG bonus fiasco?

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  1. Has anybody seen an articulate, persuasive explanation as to why AIG had to pay the bonuses? Something more than "the contract says so" or "to keep good people." Thanks
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  3. I saw an article that favored paying the bonuses so the employees wouldn't leave, because they would then go trade against the crappy AIG positions that they helped build.

    That would be the sugar sprinkles on the frosting on the cake. Those asswipes making it on the backside too...
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    There were some insanely reckless and greedy people at AIG. To take on such massive size without considering the repercussions, those guys must have been on something.

    I like, Credit Suisse (?), solution, give them the toxic assets as bonuses. Let them share in the pain.
  5. I think a few well placed indictments, some firings with prejudice, and yes, one or two very public hangings are in order.

    That these compulsive gamblers are being rewarded for their crimes is more than an outrage. It's insane.

    You mean to tell me these people had no role in the mismanagement?

    I say, hang 'em , it will teach them a lesson.
  6. We should also direct that passion towards a few congress members.

    And you left out 'tar and feather' treatment. I hear this was once a good option to have on the table for public figures a while back :)
  7. AIG should really tell more.
    Maybe those receiving the bonuses did make money and were not part if the CDS failures.
    AIG has many divisons
  8. Those bonuses were based on agreements signed at the end of 2007 for 2008 payable in 2009.

    You don't have an employee working under an agreement and then tell them too bad but we can't pay what we agreed too because its not politically correct.

    Its all a smoke screen anyway. Now we now why AIG is getting all of this money. Rather then pay off the foreign banks and wall street directly the Government is funnelling it through AIG to pay out in insurance claims.

    If you want to break agreements, tell GS and Dueste Bank and other parties that they can't have their insurance payoffs and save hundreds of billions.
  9. LOL ! Don´t you think this info has already "leaked" to "interested parties" from this "super trader desk" ?:D
  10. Anybody seen a place online where you can find the actual contract language? Or know what % of these people's total salary comes from bonuses?
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