Is there a List of "Prop Trading firm with ranking and etc"?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by fxrebate, Jan 10, 2020.

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    I mean we have heard ptfirm like Topstep, Oneup, earn2trade, LMI and etc

    But is there a ranking list on which are the best one and etc?

    If you were to try, which platform would you try on?
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    Check Trustpilot, earn2trade has good Reviews.
  4. I've tried Topsteptrader there's 2 steps first step is to prove profitability which can be done in five days max position size without the scaling plan is available. This is a benefit in disguise because you can blow the account easy at max position size so manage risk. Second step can be completed in 10 days and is about managing risk where you have to build equity in the account in order to trade larger position sizes up to the max per their scaling plan.

    Earn2trade support is amazing, Ryan is here all the time answering questions in ET and I don't see much of topsteptrader here that much anymore. With Earn2trade it's 15 days minimum and only one step for funding and there's a scaling plan in the evaluation which imo leads to a better evaluation as the first step in topsteptrader can trap traders in a cycle of gambling as you can pass the first step easy on a day with good volatility trading the max position size, the down side is blowing up and having to reset.

    I haven't personally tried LMI or Oneuptrader.
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    Just as an informational note, there is the futures prop trading firm business model, but you are going to have to live in the Chicago or NYC area for that.

    Futures prop firms that are registered with the CME and ICE are not allowed to risk employee funds - only the firm's capital.

    Point being, there are distinct differences between equity and futures/derivatives prop firms.