Is there a justification for being short?

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  1. If so, i would love to know what it is?
  2. u could try opening a position here with a tight stop, at resistance. yeah, yeah, so the bear side looks not so promising in the short term, but it is a resistance point nonetheless.
  3. nasd. composite flirting with new highs - you could be correct sir. let's see where we go from here, if we trend away one way or another.
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  5. When stocks open lower, BUY.

    I can find thousands of intraday charts where the lower am prices always always rise into noon, but hold all day for the rally at 330.

    You can always short the highs but WHY, just play the high percentage stuff.
  6. This didnt answer my question at all. Can someone else try?
  7. no
  8. imc


    As Groucho Marx once said.." Trade what you see".
  9. perception of what the stock price is or should be creates shorts

    all rallies have pullbacks, new highs
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