Is there a journal where traders post their crat with entry/exit points?

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  1. Any journal like Anek or SusannaDT?

    i see lots of posts with blotters, but that does not explain much.. You know of any threads with actual charts and setups?

    As an example there threads on russian website for daytraders where people post their results and setups every day, they also post their homework (stocks to trade next day)


    homework thread

    I wonder why no one does the same here?

  2. Journals section?? You can do whatever you want there.

  3. they only post blotters, and there zero educational value in that..

    there was anek and susanna dt they used to post charts with entry exit points, so far i have not seen others who would do the same..
  4. It's an old journal (and you'll probably have more than a few people tell you how the principles I used to trade are without merit), but you might find the information useful.

    Good Journey to you.

    - Spydertrader
  5. LeeD


    I actually find ES journal pretty good. A lot of smart and experienced people post their trades there... often with comments regarding the motivation of the trade, target etc. If you want explanation of a trade set-up with charts, check out one of the threads by TheRumpledOne.
  6. ok, thanks for the input I'll check out these journals!