Is there a hidden bubble growing?

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Are the banks building a bubble in the dark pools?

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  1. With the numbers that some of the banks are posting (huge profits in trading), but with the relatively low volumes we are seeing places (like on the Dow), are the banks playing in the dark pools...amongst themselves and "propping up" the markets?

    Just curious to your thoughts!

  2. I don't know if it's a bubble, but they are most certainly playing amongst themselves with the market and propping it up. Banana Ben told them that was the condition for free taxpayer money.
  3. Instead of "accepting and adjusting" to our current situation, the Government and Fed are trying to RE-BUBBLE everything.

    Consequences will be dire and hasten our demise. :mad: :mad:
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    instead of letting the pieces of the puzzle fall where they should the fed has placed the economy back into fantasy land where things cannot go wrong. Propping it up by letting the dollar free fall and pumping the system with liquidity isn't the way to fix anything.

    There is a bubble growing this very second that is going to be even bigger than the last one we just got out of yesterday.
  5. We've been running a series of bubbles... tech, housing, credit... now what... deficit borrowing?

    One of these bubbles WILL be the "end game" for the USA. Could be that we're in it RIGHT NOW...
  6. thats what capitalism is all about

    if you prefer something else just move to cuba or north korea. they don't have any bubbles as there is no speculation or free markets.

  7. yeahh right

    he told them - you have to buy with both hands otherwise we wont bail you out.

    the market doesnt that way sherlock. it is about expectations, not intentions.

  8. Got news for you Sonny... this is a recent development. Hasn't always been this way. America was not always inured to "the most criminal element"...

    FUCK YOU! I ain't moving.... and I still don't like it. I'm pissn' and moanin', hoping the average dumbass American wakes up before it's too late...

    (Don't bother to respond... you've already said enough that I'm sure not to respect anything else you have to say.. ON IGNORE!! But don't feel too bad.... you are one of more than 200 ETers on my list of head-up-your-ass non-thinking, emotional partisan spewers)
  9. "Free markets" in the U.S.?


    Were you in a coma for the last 2 years?

    Tarp, PPIP, Mark to Market accounting changes, Bear Stearns-Wachovia-Wamu forced buyouts, AIG bailout, General Motors bailout, etc,etc.

    "Free Markets". LOL. Hysterical.
  10. Like I've been saying for last several years...

    US is becoming communist while the communists quietly become capitalists!

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