is there a good web page for option quotes after the close

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qwert, Aug 13, 2008.

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    is there a good web page to get option quotes after the close that are accurate. or a yr favorite options web page.

    anyone else having problems with interactive brokers last two trader workstation versions being big memory and cpu hogs. with my vista computer it barely works and freezes alot from cpu usage.

    how about at&T DSL. mine has worked badly the last 3 weeks, how about u?

    go long narural gas with us backed georgia attacking Russian breakaway.

    china having the Olympics is the same as the build up of nazi germany. lets all celebrated china stealing all our manufacturing...huurrraaayyy, its a big party. 30-40% of our manufacturing lost in the last 8 yrs wwwwuuuppppeeeeee, china and india are gonna mindless consumers like us yeeehawwww, no sense messing with conservation now, wwooowwwhhoooooooo
  2. There is just not enough liquidity after hours for reliable quotes, hence bids and asks are pulled. Even from 4:00 to 4:15 PM many bid/asks are pulled, leaving a thin market. Last time I looked even Yahoo had the last bid and ask posted though (for your late night option pricing pleasure)
    Your observation about the parallel between China and Nazi Germany is keen.
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    for normal equities trading stops at 4 pm, there are no after hours quotes as the markets are closed. ETF-options remain being traded till 4:15. That's all.
    The reason: mm can't hedge decently in the underlying so it makes no sense for them to make markets. There will NEVER be options markets in after hours trading for this reason.