Is there a good tutorial course out there?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ric, May 25, 2005.

  1. ric


    I'm trying to educate myself so that I can eventually become a day/ swing trader. I've read/ studied about 8 books and read more web pages than I care to remember.

    I'm at the point where I'm realizing the books are nice for a start for someone with no knowledge at all. But, in and of themselves are pretty useless to get to the point of actually trading.

    So, I've been looking online for some interactive tutorials that I can use to papertrade and learn both the mechanical aspects of the interface and how to apply things I've read in the books.

    Of course what Ive come across are sales letters for courses and kits. Some are very expensive, some are just a few hundred dollars.

    Are there any of them that are the real deal and will actually teach a person how to trade and develop themselves into a skilled trader????

    I'm not looking for signals messaged to me, or an automated black box system, or some fake gurus's silver bullet strategy.

    So, if you are trying to sell one of those don't send me to your website. What I would like to know if there is anyone who has bought a course that taught them interactively how to trade and is now able to do it well.
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    I suggest you open a demo forex account and practice there. is one site , but there are others too.

    I am lont a associate of the above company, just a trader with a demo account.
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    What do you need to learn? An edge? The discipline to exploit it? Or the fact you need those two things?
  4. ric


    Sorry, I guess I didn't make myself clear. I'm looking for:

    1. interactive trading tutorials. That would go through placing an order, and explain why the order was placed and what they looked for. In other words some tutorials on the basic things a trader should know that I've read about in books. In other words something to get me over the hump or reading books and at least to the point of learning through paper trading, so I can experiment with things I've read and backtest.

    2. A course that, also interactive, that if followed will make me a profitable trader and have understanding of the markets and techniques.
  5. Daily trading tutorials are time extensive and cost accordingly. Do you know how much you would be willing to pay ? What market do you want to learn ?
  6. ric


    I don't mean a seminar with a coach, sorry I meant some software program tutorial. I would imagine good ones would be at least a few hundred dollars. I'm not exactly sure which markets I want to trade just yet.......I'm just trying to find somethign that will take me from reading books to actual application.
  7. Ric,
    The "something" is YOU.

    The way I see it, you have two roads to take right now.

    1/ Get cheap delayed streaming charting and try to papertrade stock indexes without using Tech Analysis. When you feel like buying, BUY .When you feel like selling, SELL ! You might be natural at trading so try it first while you mind is not yet cluttered that much.
    You must be totaly honest when papertrading, keep a log of entries and exits with time and price , do not use eraser !!

    2/ Get charting, pick market and develop method you are compatible with . Or buy PROFITABLE system and improve it . Vendor must prove profitability on recent price action, otherwise do not buy !

    Do not use real money till you read a lot about money management .
  8. Market's the best teacher. :D

  9. ric


    Thanks for the tips. So, basically just open a small account somewhere and roll up my sleeves and learn by doing.
    Guess I'm like most newbs, hoping to find something that can hold my hand for me part of way to alleviate self doubt and cut the learning curve a little short.
    O well, everything else I've done has been from the ground up, on my own, and with family/friends telling me it'l never fly. Why should this be any different. Wish me luck, I'm certain to need it. Better yet, wish that I keep my cool and don't do something stupid like swing for the fences.
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    If you want some great information....look at the Online Trading Academy. They have some very informational classes that you can take, either online or in a classroom. They have tons of cd's and books that will help you also. If your still looking....this is the best place to start.
    Good luck trading.
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