Is there a good alternative to Quotetracker ?

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  1. Hello,

    I am in the process of trialing software and was wondering if there is a good alternative to quotetracker ? I like alot of what quote tracker has to offer with the floating windows and a simple no frills interface (no programming required). However i am slightly uncomfortable with the whole leased aspect of it. Is there anything out there that offers similar functionality as quotetracker which could be purchased ?

    The closest i've found so far would be amibroker. This however is not as suitable for daytrading (sans floating windows and too many unnecessary options)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hmm AmiBroker isnt good for Daytraders eh??

    News to me....

    Has a lot of Unecessary options???

    Hmmm. More News....

    Glad the unnecessary backtest option they have that QuoteTracker doesnt have works.

    Glad you can PROGRAM any indicator you like. Ahh well, more unnecessary options.

    Glad you can float the majority of the windows... (except the charts...) But you CAN run multiple instances..... to display more charts on multiple monitor setups......

    Oh well.. All those unecessary options.. Bugger....
  3. Curious why you are uncomfortable with the "lease" aspect of it. Almost all the charting programs are pay as you go. If you purchase a program what happens if your data provider makes some changes and is no longer compatible?
  4. Sorta like Tradestation 2000i....

    Basically a boat anchor unless you also buy a 3rd party Data provision solution.....
  5. Good point. I didnt consider it from this aspect. Well perhaps its time to register. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. If you are a programmer type you might also look at Sierra Chart and Ensign. Both offer a bit more flexiblity but if you just want to do things simple Quotetracker cannot be beat.
  7. Thanks for that Bearbelly,

    I will go and have a look see with what Sierrachart and Ensign both have to offer. I have tried multicharts - and have found it to be not well suited to myself.

    Quotetracker is looking like the go for now.

    Best wishes


  8. frankl


  9. HI Bullettrader,
    If you're looking to augment your trade-management needs, consider QuoteTrader.
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    QuoteTrader Product Management
  10. frankl and QuoteT_Brent,

    Thanks for your replies (and the heads up). Will be testing more platforms.


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