Is there a Genesis group I can join and get a retail account?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by sandy1, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. sandy1


    After doing a lot of research I am considering switching to Genesis. I'm a little leary of joining one of the prop firms, plus 4-1 is enough for me, since I have $100,000+ to put into my account. Is there a group that will allow me to get low rates, plus the advantage of having SIPC insurance for my account? I trade about 500,000 shares/month.


  2. You want a retail account, 4 to 1 is good to you (Genesis will give you 10 to 1), and they offer some of the lowest commissions.

    Why not join them directly exactly? I don't see where this question is going...
  3. sandy1


    I was curious if I could piggy back on the volume of some of the prop shops. They do millions of shares every month. I'm sure they can get a better rate than I can.

  4. r-in


    Anyone try comparison shopping with Genesis? They claim they will beat or at least match a verifiable rate. I would be willing to throw IB's .005 all fees in, other than SEC at them and see if they go with it.
  5. amm


    genesis is same as sogo investment?
  6. amm


    I couldnt find in genesis website about (Genesis will give you 10 to 1),
  7. l12

    l12 offers lower commissions than Genesis or IB and true 4:1 leverage. IB only offers 3:1 shorting and Genesis 2:1. Plus you get a choice of software packages to use. SIPC insured.
  8. kelly55


    If not use softweare package, no need to pay ECN fee?
  9. What do you mean by Genesis offers 2:1? 2:1 for what?
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