Is there a fundamental flaw in leftist/marxist thinking?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Aug 25, 2010.

Is there a fundamental flaw in leftist/marxist thinking?

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    Is there a fundamental flaw in leftist/marxist thinking? I dont understand why most liberals can not put 2 and 2 together. Leftist thinking seems to entail rasing taxes so that a bunch of people who do not produce anything can live. Do liberals actually believe that a philosophy which rewards people who do nothing will incentivise job growth?

    I have seen many insane statements from liberals over the years i have been on ET, but some stand out much more then others. Gabfly1 has actually had the audacity to come on this site and ridicule the laffer curve. You would have to be half retarded to believe you can just up taxes and take in an equal amount of revenues in the age of E-Commerce.

    My theory is that if you actually believe that there is no max benefit to taxing the shit out of people, you should be locked in an asylum. Why on earth would someone work their ass off if there was no benefit for them. Especially in the age of E-Commerce, Omegapoint actually made a post insinuating the fact that "not paying maximum taxes was somehow unpatriotic."

    Liberals adamantly deny religion, while they believe in evolution. Isnt the quintessential element of evolution survival of the fittest?
    Under the rules of evolution the strongest genes are passed on from generation to generation, and the weak genes die. So why is it that liberals insist on supporting dead weight? Shouldnt the laws of evolution deem that those who are not capable of making something of themselves should die off?

    Liberalism/socialism/marxism doesnt seem to have any logical argument based on reality.
  2. Yes, it's called naivety taken to such an extreme it becomes absolute stupidity.
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    A link to a socialist website does not constitute an argument.
  4. Interesting to note the contrasting level of discourse between the two websites nit Jethro.
  5. Is there a fundamental flaw in rightwing/fascist thinking?
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    Feel free to point them out and i will readily debate them with you. As it stands 100% of people polled so far think that leftists/marxists are full of shit.
  7. So the terms right-wing and fascist are interchangeable?
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