Is There A Fully Disclosed Mechanical Day Trading System?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Hook N. Sinker, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Is a fully disclosed, fully defined mechanical profitable day trading system, with back tests, with independent verification, described on I am not able to find one.
  2. What is the point of looking for such?

    Any number of traders here can create "a fully disclosed mechanical profitable day trading system" and show that it works in backtests and have "independent verification" only to have said system do nothing but lose money in the future.

    You didn't say anything about making money in the future and that is what really matters. If you want a "a fully disclosed mechanical profitable day trading system" that works in the future you have to build it yourself.
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    you have to build it yourself

    communicating to people who speak a foreign language through a translator is useless because you don't know what they are saying, if you speak the language ....
  4. There's no contact info for a guy who will send you $100k checks either.

    Such systems exist, but why would anyone tell you about them?

    If someone wanted to totally destroy a system and get nothing for it, they'd fully document it and put in on elitetrader.
  5. Do you also want a future edge in addition to a documented past edge? If so, you won't probably get a future edge if many people know about the system.

    There are some good systems you can use to develop fully disclosed systems automatically based on input performance criteria.

    This one is more general but very expensive. It discloses the systems in EL, Java, C# and WL code.

    This one is relatively cheap but limited to price formations. It discloses the systems in EL, WL, Metastock and TeleChart code. Also in pseudocode.

    There are a couple more but they are based on combinatorics and take a long time to run. Also, the ones above are not based on the highly failed neural network concept. The first is based on genetic programming and the second on data mining.
  6. This is an example of a fully disclosed mechanical trading system:
    Note the fully disclosed trading rules and position sizing algorithm.

    I am not able to find ANY fully disclosed, mechanical, back tested, verifiable day trading system. If profitable day trading opportunities exist then I suspect someone with computer programming ability and access to historical price data might describe their results.

    I do not see fully disclosed intraday trading systems with back test results at

    I do not see fully disclosed intraday trading systems with back test results at
  7. why would anyone wish to do that ??? clown 's like you are only interested in reverse engineering someone elses stuff.
  8. Those programs find systems based on a few input criteria and historical data. The systems are fully disclosed and you can test them to see the results. Why do you think they should post systems and their results on their websites? The name of the game in trading is finding an edge. If anyone else finds about it, you no longer have an edge. You got nothing...