is there a free software to do this?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vk60546, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. vk60546


    I'd like to be able to view a list of stocks trading at a min daily volume (to be specified) and a min. daily price (to be specified).

    Is there a free software enabling this?

    Also, I have a very limited programming knowledge or experience.
  2. um, yes.
  3. vk60546


    Any suggestions?
  4. LeeD


    Microsoft Excel (connected to data) can do it. It's not exactly free but it's way more flexible for simple calculations like yours than ANY broker or charting platform.

    Again, what is gonna cost is market data but a number of brokers give this for free as long as you keep trading with them.
  5. no.
  6. , click on "Screener", then "All".

    You can filter by average volume or today's volume.

    You can also use Google Docs spreadsheets and put in some financial formulas that pull data like price, volume, etc.
  7. NinjaTrader 7 can screen trades like this.