Is there a free, realtime charting package I can use with Scottrade?

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  1. I don't have $25k in my account, so I can't access ScottradeELITE. All I have access to is the Scottrader Streaming Quotes trading package and their charts only give you Volume and SMA. To confirm this, I just emailed them the following, and got this reply:

    My email:
    Are the only indicators available with Scottrader Streaming Quotes
    volume and simple moving average, or are there more? Those are the only
    ones that appear in the dropdown box. Is it possible to upgrade my
    account to get more charting options without having the minimum $25k to
    get ScottradeELITE, and if not, do you know of any free, real-time
    charting software I can use in conjuction with Scottrader Streaming

    Their reply:
    Dear Investor,

    Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, these are the only 2 in the Scottrader.
    No, there is not a way for you to get access to the Elite without having
    the minimum $25,000 equity in the account.

    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.


    I don't suppose there is anything free and real-time I can use, is there?
  2. Nothing for Scottrade. You could switch to Interactive Brokers and then there are a number of free or close to free solutions.
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    You can use QuoteTracker (free), but I suggest you invest in a better data feed. I use IQFeed (20$/month) and I am very satisfied with it.

    Please send me a private message if you decide to go with IQFeed because I can get a credit for the referral.

  4. I like Scottrade because of no annual fees, no inactivity fees, and no fees to close my account or request a check. Does IB do that? I also know that IB has the best comissions for daytraders, but what about if you don't trade that often?
  5. scottrade data feed works with medved quote tracker.
  6. IB inactivity fee is pretty minimal - $10 if I remember correctly for accounts of your size - it's $20 for accounts less than $2k.
  7. Are you sure? It wasn't listed on their page, their FAQ, or on their message board.
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    It will work, but it will not be reliable. Trust me on that. I tried IB's data feed and it sucked also. I'm sure It will be the same if you use Scottrade's data feed.

    From QuoteTracker website (about Scottrade) :

    "Streaming quotes are OK speed. Quality leaves something to be desired. Stocks and options. Max 20 symbols at a time. Supports OTC:BB and Options. (TICK,BID/ASK SIZE, LAST VOLUME)"

    Bad data quality = losing money...
  9. I use it everyday. Down load QT and find it listed there on upper right side labeled SITE and in alphabetical order. You'll find it.
  10. Cool. I just emailed the customer service guy. All I want are some charts with more than SMA and volume, and I don't want to pay for them. Is that too much to ask? :D

    Do I just download QT and then run it while logged into my Scottrade account? I still place orders through the Scottrade screen, right?

    Thanks for the help.
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