Is there a free and realtime futures trade software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Chinese, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I am new, I am trading in Hong Kong. I want get an English version software made in USA. Can you help me?
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  3. Note though that this is feee for the software. The feed will still cost - and rightly so.
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    This is not 100% accurate. If the OP has a brokerage account that supports NinjaTrader then NinjaTrader is free to use.
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    I am still awaiting NT on an European spread betting account - it would be a winner

    Ho hum 2013 ?

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    I don't think there is a completely free, no string attached real time futures trading software. But you can get one relative cheap. If you sign up with a futures broker, you get one, you don't necessary have to trade.
    Now the cheapest version is if it is a CFD broker. You can open an account with minimal deposit, like $100. You can later withdraw that and still use the software.

    That is as free as it goes....
  7. Cough.

    Yeah. The car is free is you buy 100 gallons of gas per month for twice the price.

    Don't get me wrong - Ninja + Zen-Fire brokerage is a decent deal, but it is NOT free given that the cost Zen-Fire adds is higher than what the competition adds for a paid feed. And a broker won't carry you unless you do trades for long.

    So, at the end it is not free. You pay higher comissions.
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    NinjaTrader works with hundreds of brokerages who have commision prices across the board. It's not specific to Zen-Fire. All I was saying is that if a user has an existing brokerage account (maybe they already have an account at Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade for example) they can connect NinjaTrader to it for free at no additional expense.
  9. Think or Swim from tda is completely free with an account.

  10. Unfortunately, NinjaTrader and IB do not work well together, even for minute charts. I asked someone to verify this in a picture.

    You can see the 1 minute bars on the left that were built using the live data feed. The right side is the same chart after a reload of data.

    The bars using the live feed are distorted because the top and bottom price ticks of the bars are often lost due to the way IB aggregates per-tick pricing and sends it in batches. They provide an API call to correct for this (5 sec OHLCV data) but as far as I know only Sierra Charts uses it to correct the bars while receiving live data.

    Of course, IB's own charting uses the 5 sec data to correct the bars too...
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