Is there a forum on this board where real discussions take place?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Matix04, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Matix04


    Please, if there's a forum on this board where discussions about trading take place, point me to it. This forum is named TRADING, but all I see is horrible prediction threads, BLACK (insert day here) threads, and gossip about Cramer. These past few days have been crazy, and will probably continue to be crazy. It seems like there is A LOT of opportunity out there in terms of trading, yet the only thing going on in the Trading forum is gossip. I swear, they should just make a TV show like Entertainment Tonight about Wall Street gossip so it doesn't have to be talked about here. /rant
  2. clacy


    You've been registered long enough to know that serious discussions are few and far between. I agree with your point though, that there is way too much crap on here, although there is some entertainment value with that type of stuff.
  3. Sobieski


    yeah, sorry about that.

    I know a board that is much less amateurish than ET, but I don't want to publish it here as it will attract all the scum and filth.

    If you shoot me a PM I will give you the link.
  4. If you go down past the "Trading Forum" and the Stocks Forum the conversations seem to get quite a bit more useful the farther down you go.
  5. rwk


    The nonsense threads are easy enough to ignore. What I hate are interesting posts where most of the responses are nonsense.

    What keeps me coming back are those very few nuggets that I can use. There aren't many, but I will take what I can get. I try to make my posts worthwhile, but I suspect most go unnoticed. When I get flamed, I quit posting for awhile.
  6. maxpi


    My '08 New year's resolution was to kick the ET habit and boy... wait a minute...

  8. LOL

    Nice catch LH.
  9. Come on its really about enytertainment on any of these free boards.

    Notes more people own Ferrari's on the internet then the total ever produced raised to a factor of 3.

    Internet muscles are just something to laugh at, like the PPT stories.
  10. BSAM


    Yeah.....He should be working for the Border Patrol.

    BTW---What is this thread doing in the Trading forum?
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