Is there a dollar index ETF yet?

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  1. Couldn't find one, just wondering if there is such a thing.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. FXE for a 100% reverse correlation play
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  4. Take your pick...

    1. FDPIX - Falling US Dollar ProFund
    RDPIX - Rising US Dollar ProFund

    2. RYWBX - Rydex Weakening Dollar Fund (leverage 2:1)
    RYSBX - Rydex Strengthening Dollar Fund (guess what, also 2:1)

    Launching soon (papers filed with the SEC):

    3. UDN - PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund
    UUP - PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund

    All of the above track the USDX on NYBOT.
  5. Thanks SWS. galiano and Late Apex.

    I didn't know about these.
  6. There are no options on FXE, anyone know why?
    The same with USO - oil etf - no options available.
  7. Do they track the horrible fills and outright theft and fraud you get when trading at NYBOT? :p
  8. That bad, huh? Guess an oversubscribed IPO can't be far behind. :p
  9. I'm contrarian - great time to buy the USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All their exports belong to us!!!
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    Thank you for your support. Thinking about buying dollars now.
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