Is there a comfortable mouse?

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  1. we have all this new technology and still i use logitech regular mouse. i have tried all sorts but nothing can take the pain away from having to cock my fingers up in the air for 20 hours a day.

    suggestions - favorites
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    Just regular ordinary 3-button mouse with mousewheel and a thin mat. Get rid of anything superfluous, both on keyboard and otherwise. A proper gaming chair with cushion may help and make sure nothing is restricting legs. Be mindful of height, keep comfortable body position and make sure you have chances to walk about.

    Usually, office equipment is just awful in this regard. KISS.

    20 hours a day can only be solved one way.
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  3. Try a gaming mouse - find them superior. Lately, a few of the crew began using Stormfurry B-Storms - inexpensive at Amazon. I prefer the Creative Fatal1ty with adjustable weights - we bought a case, but they are an eBay item today so a bit pricey
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  4. I have encountered this a lot in my IT career and personally. I will often work similar excessive hours. I found the standard wired HP medium small black mice to be the most ergonomic for my hand.

    Some users with RSI found a wrist rest that is affixed to the mouse very good. Also funny as it looks like the mouse has big balls. ;)

    Others adapted easily to a Logitech roller.

    Personally I've found that when I had really bad pain in one tendon for months nothing helped, it was getting debilitating, I had let the tendonitis get too bad.

    Ibuprofin and other NSAIs would help bit however the cure was an intra-muscular injection of a drug that is sold as Diprofos in Colombia. This was like a miracle, never looked back.
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  5. Howard


    I use a Logitech Anywhere 2 which I think is pretty nice. I bought the Master also, but found it too big for my hands.

    That said, I did try a gaming mouse while at the mall with my nephew and it seemed like another level. My Anywhere seems precise enough, but that gaming mouse was something else.
  6. SumZero


    what about vertical mouses ? anybody uses ? any relief ?
  7. i tried the gaming balls and they work good for a signal screen.

    most of the problem with a ball mouse is i need to swing between two monitors real fast - so i have a tendency to "sling" the mouse from side to side to get from one screen to the next and still have some precision to adjust window edges etc.

    also in general i think mice are too small causing cramp.
  8. Our choice is gaming mice - not gaming balls. Same issue with balls - early fatigue.
  9. Handle123


    I actually have to wear down gloves or heating pads now as hands get too cold, I cut off inch off index finger of glove and use on bigger mouse Omn and wired, fingers some times twitch, maybe medications or too little/much coffee, numbness. Use soft rubber ball for hand exercises help, only once hand cramp---guess that next?
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    work less... 20 hours is a bit over the top
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