Is there a charting package i can link to DJ News out there?

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  1. Hi, first i apologize if this is run around and doesn't quite make sense lol...i am switching platforms that i trade equities on. The current one i am on offers news and charts all in one package, i type up a stock in the level 2 box, the charts i have linked to it immediately change, and i have a box that has the DJ News that will show me only the news that pertains to the stock that i just typed up. This is ideal for me as i am very active and need to know if a stock i'm about to buy/sell has news on it or not.

    Now the new place i'll be trading has just one screen i'll be using w/level2's prints, p&l monitor, etc. as for question thus is twofold. is there a charting package that offers:

    1. If i make a series of charts in a window, for ex. a 1, 5, 15, and daily chart, can i have them all linked? so that all i'll have to do is alt-tab over, type in the stock symbol and all the charts change? i would like to avoid using the mouse as that just takes too much time...especially at the open.

    2. DJ News. Is there any way to link the DJ News to say the chart windows? that way i could alt-tab over, type in the stock symbol and there would pop up 4 new charts, and all relevant dj news pertaining to the stock?

    i hope this makes sense
  2. You can use QuoteTracker for what you are looking to do if you have a datafeed or broker that provides the data in question. Many provide DJ news, L II. Please indicate the specific broker you are moving to.

    Linking charts, L II, News is not a problem. Might need to click though depending on where you are ALT-TABing from.

    Not sure what you meant by 4 charts poping up....
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    esignal does this