Is there a chartgame for intraday chart?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by trend2009, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I would like to play day trading game. the website: is for daily chart only, which has overnight surprise. is there any website or standalone software that I can simulate day trading candlestick chart?
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    Why not download NinjaTrader or sign up with a broker that provides a paper/sim account to practice trading?
  3. those software are not applicable for historical data.
    though ninjatrader has market replay, but it does not work on data, say, one year before.

  4. I found that chartgame really interesting. It shows that making profitable trades from a daily chart is easy, but in live trading the pain of having to wait for the trade to play out is what costs people the most money.
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    is there any online simulator for futures and options .

    I dont want to open an account with a broker I jus want to paper trade without any obligation.

    PS Chartgame is too "quick" i would like a simulator "real time" not it terms of prices but of time (1 minute is one minute you cannot fast foward)
  7. ninjatrader has a market replay simulator. but you need to sign in for database either free from your broker or a paid data vendor.
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    NinjaTrader provides free Market Replay data from within the application. Everything you need to practice for free.