Is there a bullish bias in the markets.

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  1. Is this inherent in following the heard?
  2. Perhaps thats why sell offs are so sudden because they are so unexpected.
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    Depends on market;
    in DAL, DALR
    & like a RFXCQ polar bear said short it if it has a ''r'' in it:cool:

    Is there a bullish bias in tek stocks ;
    sure, especially in 4th quarter

    Also depends on personality,LUV maybe a good long;
    but dont have a general bullish bias for it,
    reguardless of it being a great company.:cool:
  4. im just thinking it is generally more gratifying to buy stocks and watch them go up, than to go short of stocks. i think shorting is way more difficult especially when the public and wall street like when the market rallies.
  5. Yes, there is a bullish bias in the 'stock market', but it's mostly do to survivorship bias. The strong get stronger and the weak eventually go away.

    I don't recall the numbers precisely, but I believe only 14 of the 30 present Dow Industrials members were present in the index in 1985 (taking into account mergers, etc.). That's a greater than 50% turnover, in one of the most sacred of indices. It would make an interesting study to see what level the Dow would be at with the 1985 members.

    Good luck to all.
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    Doesn't market bullishness come from the positive cost of money (interest rates)?
  7. yes and there is also manipulation and propaganda to prop up equities not to mention accounting fraud....