Is there a bubble on federal reserve conspiracy theorists?

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    Its like every blog out there is complaining about 1913 and showing charts of money supply while claiming greenspan is the devil
  2. Get with the program. The Central Banks are rather busy these days.
  3. Don't worry about those posts... Bush is on the job. The conspiracy bubble will be shut down soon in the name of terrorism.

    "Communications, which allow terrorists the ability to receive, store, manipulate, and exchange information. The methods by which terrorists communicate are numerous and varied. Our enemies rely on couriers and face-to-face contacts with associates and tend to use what is accessible in their local areas as well as what they can afford. They also use today’s technologies with increasing acumen and sophistication. This is especially true with the Internet, which they exploit to create and disseminate propaganda, recruit new members, raise funds and other material resources, provide instruction on weapons and tactics, and plan operations. <b>Without a communications ability, terrorist groups cannot effectively organize operations, execute attacks, or spread their ideology. We and our partners will continue to target the communication nodes of our enemy.<b>"
  4. Why are you labeling it as a conspiracy? There are centuries of history behind this. There is no conspiracy, when setting up fractional reserve banking with a private central, the proponents were hiding only their true intentions. How about doing some research on Andrew Jackson and the First Bank of the United States? He was pretty blunt with his opinion.
  5. go to youtube
    interesting movie to watch for fed conspiracy theorists
    called America ...from Freedom to Facsicm

    the dude who did it was the producer of Trading Places/ War of roses
    pretty interesting stuff
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    The conspiracy theorist love to hand pick 'evidence', they mention Milton Friedman saying that the 'nobel prize winner' that says the fed created the great depression, yet they failed to mention that he praised greenspan as the greatest central banker ever and was very much optimistic on bernanke's future
    I could go on on the games they play with the 'evidence'
    With regards with special interest behind the creating of the fed, so?The history of goverments is filled with special interests being behind just about anything from farm subsidies to steel import tarrifs to ethanol incentive programs, there is nothing new
  7. No sh*t

    Hence, there is no conspiracy, it's in your freaking history books. Andrew Jackson vs the Bankers, quite a few 19th century cartoons also.
    All the arguments were out there, of course the proponents of the private central bank with fractional reserve system relied on hypothetical BS and bribing journalists while Andrew Jackson relied on real life events.

    Go back a couple centuries and you find out how the idea of fractional banking first came about from warehouse owners and jewelers/goldsmiths. It's embezzlement & fraud, nothing more.

    There is no conspiracy nowdays, what's the point when 90% of the people believe in the system and feel that if they try to think otherwise, they become conspiracy nuts. The institutions run the system now, not a group of evil minded villians on some island in the middle of the ocean. The real people in charge, only need to press a few buttons, pull a few strings and just work the institutions that their predecessors created.
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    "Don't worry about those posts... Bush is on the job. The conspiracy bubble will be shut down soon in the name of terrorism..." - FireWalker -

    Commrade, the cold war is over and you still smell the KGB and a little paranoia. Coruption is still coruption no matter the time in history, such parasitic behavior are unacceptable and needs to be rid of. I'll say vote for the democcrats, at least they made the country prospered the last time I remembered.
  9. No political party EVER makes this country prosper.....the fruits and labor of the American people do. Don't be conned into thinking one party is any better than another....that thinking will lead you to continued manipulation.
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