is there a broker where it's affordable to trade a small number of shares?

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  1. Ignore Scottrade and their $7 per trade. I like them but not if i want to trade small shares.

    If you want to trade like 20 shares at a time is there a place where this is realistic?
  2. Visaria


    Interactive brokers
  3. Look at Robinhood.
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  4. DaveV


    Interactive Brokers has low fees, but I believe they require a minimum of $10,000 in the account. I also believe they have a monthly minimum fee if you don't do any trading.

    For smaller accounts, check out; they even allow buying fractional shares.
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  5. d08


    @DaveV, how do fractional shares work as there's no legal way to purchase a fraction?
  6. Xela


    I appreciate that you don't mean 20 shares in Berkshire Hathaway, but I suspect that the criteria on which this will depend must be more account-size and transaction-size, rather than numbers of shares?
  7. newdog


    Robinhood .. and its free too. Granted you will suffer slippage of few cents but if you are trading 100s at a time, loss of dollar is not your concern.
  8. DaveV

    DaveV allows you to buy a specific dollar amount of stock, instead of specifying the number of shares. I assume that they buy full shares, and aggregate the fractions internally. I have recommended it to a couple friends who wanted to invest in the market with small amounts, and they are happy with the service.
  9. d08


    You can specify amounts in IB but no fractional shares.
  10. DaveV


    I never knew that. I wonder if this applies to both TWS and the Gateway (which I mostly use).
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