Is there a better website in this category??

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  1. I have had no luck trying to find a better public forum to discuss trading than this one.. I've only been here a short while, but I can really appreciate it.. If I had only known about it sooner, the product reviews alone would have saved me money..

    Anyways I thought I would ask just in case I am missing something better.


    BTW It would be cool if they started reviews on seminars..
  2. No.
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  4. I like the EliteTraderUncensored website !
  5. Hitman can put you to sleep reading his site; he is not as interesting without the other side to argue with.
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    I hope so. :p

    Depends on what you are looking for. I enjoy Silicon Investor.
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    From my discussions with traders, I can say "Elite Trader"
    is one of the top websites for the active trader
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    that's because he is mature and all biz now. why, he is going to be home owner with mortgage to pay.
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  10. For website design, diversity of views, and general quality of discussion, I haven't found any message board to be better than Elitetrader... you will find occasional interesting reads on Hitman's site, Silicon Investor and even the Motley Fool, but Elitetrader has proven to be of consistent and high quality... a function of its participants... I will mention, however, there is a newer site that is quite focused that has some very in-depth discussions (it is run by Vadym aka Threei of, who I have a great deal of respect for) .... that site is .... the combination of,, and Hitman's site should be enough to keep even the most hardened of traders entertained and informed...

    Of course there are other websites of excellent quality (such as, but the above discussion relates solely to Discussion Boards...
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