Is the worst behind us?

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  1. Thats what Obama says because we lost "less Jobs"

    So maybe you guys can help me understand this, because I'm really not that smart. Here is my situation.

    I own a business and I had 10 employees. Earlier this year I had to let 3 of them go because business had slowed. Then about 2 months ago, I had to let 4 of them go because i really had to cut back as we were not bringing in any money. Last month, I thought that I couldnt afford my last 3 employees and I would have to let them all go, but it turns out I only had to let 2 of them go. So does that mean my business is recovering since i still have 1 employee left? I mean next month if I have to let that last employee go, surely that means that business is picking up because thats only ONE job lost instead of the past months where i had to let 2 or 3 or 4 people go, right? I mean did i understand that correctly? Like I said though. I'm not really that smart.
  2. based on the evidence from the religion thread you will get no arguement from anybody on elite about this statement.
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    Yes you are dead, that is exactly how it works.

    The month following the exit of the last employee, you can let yourself go, which will show that your business has now leveled out.
    The month after that when you have wound up your business and you are on the unemployment roll, your business will record no job losses which means that you are now in recovery mode.


  4. This recovery is all about the first and second derivative, as ridiculous as that sounds. It's a joke.

    Imagine if you were long 200 contracts of crude oil, and the price was declining. You bought them at 148, and now they're at 50. You don't give a damn, because the rate of change has been improving for the past 3 months. It's a full-blown recovery of crude oil!!
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  6. And in a few months those first employees that you let go will exhaust their unemployment, which means thing are getting better.
  7. Funny thread, but illustrative. For the very short term this raging 'bull market' is masking some extreme underlying conditions. We still have another spike in Alt-A Arms due in about 12 months.

    Interesting times ...
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    Excellent point.

  9. I'm curious, what kind of business is it that you have to lay off so many employees? Could you adapt the business to sell, make or service something else?
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