is the USA a "real" superpower or a paper tiger

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    I think much of the turmoil of US politics is coming from the fact that the USA is no longer the sole, de facto Super Power as we were for a while. The USA enjoyed a stronger status during the cold war even when we were not the only super power due to our military AND economic power. Globalization unwittingly changed that. Military strength while is important is not going to maintain the super power status. The UK is the best example. You cannot conquer and maintain stronghold of the world with instant communication, world opinion and a billion Indian are against your will by a military might. Gandhi showed the Queen this and the last super power Britain ceased to exist.

    These transitions from superpowers can be managed and smooth or can be violent and ugly. It is history that shows us this and it is sad that most American kids pay no attention to it; who can blame them? They are following the example of our leaders, the Politikos who are equally ignorant of History.
    The reality is that global paradigm shifts like the sacrificial betrayal of the US middle class cannot be stopped as long as we only follow the new idol, the all mighty dollar signs. It seems inevitable that if we are looking only for short term solutions and quarterly results we shall miss the big picture. This IS the folly of the western philosophy (or the lack of) versus the long term view of the East. While China is equally weak in many ways we are at her mercy fiscally. If china wanted to create a new Depression II, they could do it overnight. I am not even sure who is going to emerge as a super power for the 21st century, I am however certain it isn’t us anymore.

    I know one thing; as Gore predicted we better do some serious thinking and clean the house in DC.
    1) Need energy policy (we currently have NONE)
    2) Need the middle class an intelligent, productive workforce and decent paying JOBS in the USA
    3) Spend less for military as it is clearly seen not achieving much to have a technology and might while we can barely fight two little wars simultaneously.

  2. interesting ramblings...
  3. Economically, we have lost much ground in the USA for sure.

    Militarily not even close. No one out there. Could be that we spend about as much as the rest of the world combined on our military.

    Some people may point to Afghanistan and Iraq, and state how the US cannot even subdue them. Well, in the case of Iraq, the actual battles lasted about two weeks. The rest has been an occupation which is damn near impossible in any circumstance if the populace won't give up.

    In the latter, the US soldiers don't even know who to shoot half the time.

    But when it is military vs military, it would take several of the leading powers combined to be any threat to the US all by itself. With the best planes, ships, subs, tanks, etc, it just isn't fair. Not to mention the superb training of the typical US soldier.

    Economically is how the US will go under, not militarily.