Is the US Govt trying to sabotage Toyota?

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  1. "Cash for Toyotas" suggested the Detroit automobile executive to the government bureaucrat. :cool:
  2. I've heard a few ramblings by auto workers who believe this completely.
  3. it's a zero sum game, one trader's loss is another trader's gain.

    GM must have those Congressmen in its pocket. Their next congressional election will be fully funded by GM contributions if they can destroy Toyota.

    Crooks everywhere in this country. Instead of focusing on improving its vehicle quality, GM and Ford focus on changing their vehicle brand names and deceiving customers.

    There will be a backlash for GM's dishonest and crooked behind-door lobbying. I don't think customers are stupid enough to buy GM. Junk is still junk.
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    It's pretty obvious, maybe Japan isn't buying enough Treasuries.
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    It certain makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  6. Not really - US car companies have had an assload of regulations to put up with over the past 30 years, which has contributed to their products costing more on-average. Now Toyota is seeing what the pain of an "ooops" feels like in the US's regulatory system.
  7. I disagree. More and more US car factories have gone to Mexico, whereas more and more Japanese manufacturers have come here. Either way, those regs apply the same for the US market.
  8. Perhaps you should start a poll...

    "Would you buy a Ford Focus made in Mexico or a Nissan Altima made in USA"?
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    Has anyone looked at Ray LaHoods qualifications to be U.S. transportation Secretary? It is a cabinet level post.
    I consider General Motors to now be Government motors.
    Conspiracy or stupidity from another under qualified high level Obama official?
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