Is The US Government proppingup the US markets?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by morse, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. I believe that they have been, in one form or another, since the Great Depression.
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  2. what government?

    the government has nothing to do with the riches of the world.

    the world banks control the markets.
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  3. the govt openly manipulates the markets by adjusting interest rates. there is also a rumor of a secret committee from the worlds leading banks/firms (backed by the govt) whose responsibility is to support markets under severe pressure. i remember reading this somewhere. anybody else hear this?
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  4. Heard it, LTCM, Savings and Loans....believe it. But its not some rich man conspiracies.

    PPT has acted, and is acting, im sure of it. Strange bids come in at odd times with serious size and is masked through institutions.

    How do i know, I live about 5 blocks from the Futures pit in chicago and I have many friends who are Veterian locals. They had mentioned some strange moves a few weeks ago and odd hours by institutions. Its just a feeling from their gut, but i would trust their gut before i believe its institutions buying for "customers".

    Im not sure proping up the market is the right word. More like slowing the markets decent to create order, resulting in a rally, which returns to orderly selling.....not panic selling.

    Hence, the fact of the Capituation event that has not happen as defined, a one drastic move to cause panic....
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  5. morse


    Is this the only country that it is legal?
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  6. Of course we've all heard of the 'Plunge Team.' You know, before the depression, certain individuals performed the same rule. It's not a bad idea.

    Also, I have heard from a credible source that government actively manipulates the grain markets (in order to influence production as it deems necessary). If it does it with wheat, I'll bet it does it with anything and everything else.

    Shoot. If the do social engineering, they'll sho'nuff do economic engineering. I think it's voodoo, though, nowadays.
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    Sounds like conspiracy theory of the world., however every goverment wants to do more than is allowed to, the only question is how far they can go with this in real world ?
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  8. you mean they would use our/my money to buy into the markets?
    might make for a good fictional book or movie

    Off-topic: if I envision the price of Oil at $20-25 a barrel,
    at some point in the future - let's say 6 months [give or take 6 months]
    what would be a simple vehicle to "short?"

    I'm really looking for some stocks that move up when oil does,
    and down when oil does, since I'm not Futures "literate"

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  9. Not a chance ...
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  10. I heard that the government actually manipulates the markets through the buying and selling of Martha Stewart. Any thoughts here?

    P.S. its called a joke just in case anyone thinks I'm serious.
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