is the US bankrupt?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by zdreg, Oct 10, 2008.

will the dollar disappear?

  1. is the US bankrupt

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  2. will the US be bankrupt within 10 years

    19 vote(s)
  3. is the US another Iceland

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  4. is the iraqi dinar a better investment then $US

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  5. is the zimbawae $ a better investment

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  6. both option 4&5

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  1. zdreg


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    10-04-08 10:18 AM

    I created a thread entitled is the US a third world country? the thread was moved from economics to chit chat.

    the poll consisted of the following questions:
    the US is a bankrupt country currently
    the US will be a bankrupt with in 10years
    the US will not be bankrupt within 10 years
    the iraqi dinar is a better invest ment than the $US
    the zimbawae$ is a better than than the $US
    both option 5&6

    certain moderators who probably do not know how to hit the button when it comes to trading
    are quick to move threads that they dislike to chit chat.
    I would like an administrator ie baron to contact me on the peevish behavior of certain
    moderators and to move this thread back where it belongs. if certain responders to my thread acted like idiots is not a reason to move the thread to chit chat.

    considering the economic condition of the
    US a discussion of this subject deserves to be in the economic section and not shunted to the chit chat section.
  2. I agree, the US has levered us into near collapse - or at least what they do make this entirely possible.

    A very credit worthy discussion, except to those that think they are doing us a service by removing thread to chit-chat?

    just plain goofy, under the pseudo-guise of hey, man stfu. . .and be patriotic, rotflmao

    gA aka pay$

  3. zdreg you are now on ignore- stop wasting time bickering with mods
  4. Lucrum


    There was an option on the poll I couldn't find.

    * Is zdreg mentally bankrupt?
  5. zdreg


  6. In general its bankrupt, sorta like Wiley Coyote spinning his legs in midair, before going SPLAT into the canyon below.

    Debt was what killed it. Money made out of debt. People with too much debt. A Federal government running on debt. Corporations, States and Municipalities with debt out the wazoo, and dependent on borrowing more just to survive.

    And what's really bad is that someone needs to print 5% more money and lend it to someone each year to keep the ponzi scheme rolling, or there won't be any dollars to pay the interest on the debt.

    Nobody ever even gave consideration to the idea that we need to produce as much as we consume, or eventually it would bankrupt us.
  7. The US may become a colony of the chinese ;)
  8. zdreg


    everyday a new stimulus package. gov't is getting desperate.
  9. They bought Long Beach harbor fifteen years ago. They control the trade in and out.
  10. More Fed approved "bread and circus".

    LOL. the big problem is to spend it quickly on anything without it all going to OPEC or China n the 1st or 2nd round.
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