is the US a third world country?

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Is the US a third world country?

  1. the US is a bankrupt country currently

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  2. the US will be a bankrupt country within 10 years years

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  3. the US will not be bankrupt within 10 years.

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  4. the iraqi dinar is a better investment than the $US

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  5. the zimbawae $ is a better investment than the $US

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  6. both option 5 & 6

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  1. Just give it a little time ...
    The US "elitist priesthood" has aligned itself in a polarizing struggle with the rest of the world.
    Guess who look like they will be grassing prairies of solitude...

    Any system and subsystem can be changed ... the effects that the US financial system currently has on the world is going to be changed. Central banks will shun the USD, populations will not trust it. That will gradually isolate the meltdown in the US from the rest of the world.

    Live and learn ... it is all about the being the "fittest" and adapting.
    Too bad someone like to do it the "hard way".
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  2. vikasd


    If it were a 3rd world country, it would have defaulted. It is first world and so tax payers are bailing the system out.
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  3. Speak for yourself.
    Not all Americans are laden with debt.
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  4. Elite Trader should really demand the members location be identified or they not get access to posting. I believe there are many here from other countries that bash the USA. Thier country of residence should be identified.

    Moderators please make this change.
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  5. Ofcourse,
    You have clowns that wish in their wildest dreams to be living in the US.

    They can't.

    So the only logical action for them is to bash the US.

    Fact is, US has gone through worse times than this. We'll get through .. the only concern I have is the national debt.. once we get some people with half a brain in washington.. I'm sure they'll shift focus to the national debt and we'll trim it down.
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  6. LEAPup


    A 3rd World? No! LOL!!!!:D That's dumb!

    A Nation torn, and being led by idiots "in charge," we have some obstacles to over come, yes.:(
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  7. themarket,

    living in Brazil since the previous government - before Lula - I can tell you that what has changed here is that the corruption is getting gradually stomped out. Policia Federal are clamping down on everyone including the president and up to the supreme court judges.

    It is difficult and they still have so much ahead - but they are getting there.

    And with trust and integrity somewhat restored - business is booming! World resource cycles/flows are changing.
    Go figure... must be magic or something...

    you want the "World Patriot Act" as well now...
    Hehehe - I think we know George Orwell a little better than to accept your "logic".
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  8. Don't know for sure to whom you are are referring, but just for the record I am a United States citizen from birth. I was born in Annapolis and come from a military family. I don't wish to "bash" America, but you have to understand that until you realize you have a problem...and admit cannot hope to fix it. The United States is in a massive state of denial. Not only financially, but militarily, politically, socially and morally. On the the positive side, it is not hopeless. Even lowly Brazil has raised itself from its hapless state. But our collective heads have to be extracated from our collective asses if we hope to accomplish this. Have another banana.
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  9. There you go!
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  10. > but you have to understand that until you realize you have a problem...and admit cannot hope to fix it<

    If you were an American you would have said "we", not "you".
    Stick your banana where the sun don't shine, foreigner.
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