Is the trader lifestyle an urban legend?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CasperCRF, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. You know, the trader on his laptop, trading by the pool, sipping on a drink in his baithing suit. The image and the dream that brokers sell you. I don't think i have ever heard of anyone doing that. Even if you could trade like that, there just seems way to many distractions.
  2. not according to CNBC commercials...
  3. dbeck29


    it could be done, distractions ofcourse...but it could be done none the less
  4. Sounds more suburban than urban.
  5. Easily done in swing trading.
    With automated signals.
    Postiions opened in the morning
    and thats it
  6. Well my wireless connection does reach out to the pool. But it's too early to be drinking and too cold for a bathing suit.

  7. AshanD


    Does anyone else get annoyed by those ameritrade commercials making it look effortless to make money in the markets? I wonder why they never show a guy sleeping in a box because he busted out and has to work at some lame construction job that pays for food or rent, but not both!
  8. You can lose money trading?