Is the supply of oil infinite, abiotic ,

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  1. Yes we have been lied too every way possible.
  2. There is Abiotic Oil.

    Yes we have been lied to.

    Technocracy is here and energy units clean versus dirty will be units of money based on carbon.
  3. Even the most optimistic reading of Abiatic doesn't allow for infinite oil.
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    Is this a new month already, so some moron just had to start a new thread on this? Well, since I am bored:

    Your lake house is on fire, dumbfuck. The lake is only 30 feet away, and you are houling the water in buckets with your idiot friends to put out the fire.
    Since your abiotic water from the lake doesn't come fast enough to put out the increasing demand for oil/water/pudding, your house is going to burn down (as it should), no matter how big is the abiotic reservoir next to it.

    Was I clear enough or do I have to shovel a very biotic (meaning, papermade, but hardcover) lexicon up in your ass to understand this?
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    "science" tells us that the oil was formed millions of years ago but engineering and geology tell us that the rocks that hold it could not hold the pressure for more than ten thousand years... "science" is wrong about the age of the earth and the progression of events but they have to make up this idea that oil is being generated continually to preserve their world view...
  6. Let me guess. You're also "long" this market?

  7. It is still being processed by the Earth. Why wouldn't it be?? Do people actually think that it stopped being produced when we discovered it??
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    That is correct, but irrelevant, since the processing time is let's just say very, very long compared to humans' lifetimes. Now according to my research, if we wait another half a million years or so, the endproduct of the process is going to be edible pudding, quite possibly with pinapple taste...