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  1. a big deal yet? I'm waiting for the meltdown. When will this doom and gloom happen? Where is the credit crunch??? What about the hedge funds??? PLeaaaaaseee tell meeeee where is the doom and gloom??????

    What happened to the jumbo's and Alt A's and subrpimes? Liquidity who?? What about lending and credit? Whaaaaaa is this all hot air??

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  2. no exploding balloons 4 u, the hot air was injected outside.
  3. I think is has been almost eight days without a single big subprime or heggie story. After the fed bailed the market out its been all good.
  4. There could be some additional hedge fund "stuff" after August performance numbers come out.
  5. FYI

    Fed is taking asset-backed commercial paper at the discount window...