Is The State Of The Union Feeble?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, Jan 24, 2011.

The State of the Union Is...

  1. Strong

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  2. Sound

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  3. Good Enough

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  4. Feeble

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  5. Sick

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  1. Let's hear the TRUTH!
  2. pspr


    You mean the actual "state" of the union, not Obabels pep rally speech?
  3. The state of the US is disgusting! [​IMG]
  4. naturally, the speech will say "strong"
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    heh truth. you have as much chance of hearing obama dictate the truth as you do of pulling your (shortie) lips off "fly down's" arse.
  6. i will start kissing your butt once you start making good calls :D

    now let's get back to the State of the Union. does anybody have a good word to describe it? english is not my 1st language so the words in the poll may not be the best choices.
  7. pspr


    What??? I thought you were some short white guy living somewhere in the northeast.
  8. i'm from West Virginia
  9. Ricter


    Massive corporate cash reserves.
    Biggest gain in consumer spending in four years.
    GDP for the quarter rose to 3.5% per annum over 2.6% previous quarter.
    Holiday retail sales best in five years.
    Record sales at Apple.
    Ford planning to increase payrolls.
    Morgan Stanley raising estimates for 2011.
    Rising exports to China.
    S&P Machinery Index up 14%.
    Building permits jump to 635,000 per annum, beating estimates for 560,000.
  10. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    why do i have to make good calls? fly down didnt!

    a word for you regarding the state of the union - facade
    #10     Jan 24, 2011