is the recession orchestrated

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    do you think that the current economic problems are orchestrated. surely it was obvious that lending too much would result in the current situation. if we understand that then why wouldn't people with more knowledge and resources see this.

    what do you think.
  2. The pattern is obvious and there is no lack of people with money and power, wanting more of both. Of course it is no accident.
  3. The Fed/PPT/Wall Street doesn't have that "much" power nor smarts to completely control the market. You're giving too much "credit" where it isn't due. :)
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    I think it has been orchestrated... and is much more sinister, far-reaching, and all-encompassing than just "creating a recession".

    Don't ask me to write a thesis to explain. Just think about events*, who benefits, who pays and what's possible as an outcome if this spirals totally out of control... which I'm confident it will. My most optimistic hope is that it takes 40 years, not just 10.

    * good place to start... Reagan Adminstration. After all, "he proved deficits don't matter"... then, the GreenScam "criminally negligent money-pump". And, you could consider 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard :mad:
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    if it is orchestrated is it the bilderbergers, the masons, the illuminate behind it.
  6. To think its orchestrated would be conspiracy theory.
    The fact of the matter is that it is systemic bias and corruption that is leading to the failure.
    Now the panic and confusion is being exploited to save the parts that some corrupt leaders think is most important.
    And all of this comes at the expense of the rest of the economic system (future).

    Sure, there was something wrong leading up to this, and there's something wrong with how it's being handled...
    But I don't think anyone believe it was the intent of someone to bring it all down like this.
  7. orchestrated yes, but it will be a depression not recession.

    previously recessions were artificially cut-short leading to a build-up that we are now seeing the end-product of.
  8. I think what happened was what usually happens:

    1)People assumed the trend would last forever OR
    2)People assumed that the trend would slowly and visibly reverse itself, thus allowing plenty of time to "unwind" (or it could extend into greater fool theory...)
  9. Read any history book and you will see a massive pattern..... POWER and WEALTH is consolidated through EVENTS to acheive "wholesale" pricing levels at the time of acquisition. Power is consolidated through do you see any FEAR based EVENTS going on these days??? :eek:
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    Which is why it's so sinister... It is and will continue to be difficult for Americans to accept.

    Which is why we will do virtually nothing until it's waaaaayyyyy too late... probably is already.

    I leave open the possibility that perhaps it was not orchestrated, but perhaps the result of "greed run amok"... unfortunately whether by intent or other, we end up in the same place.
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