Is The rasputin index???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by sageonline, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. hey looks like nothin in this world can call for a correction in this market.High oil prices,low oil prices the bond markets look like they are screamin recession,however the dow refuses to hear,what worries me though is that most of the stocks are still stuck in the levels they were before the rally started
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  3. Once again, more doom & gloom predictions for the U.S. and its economy. When will these people realize it's different this time?

    The Fed can print free money until the end of time. US consumers will never falter. Who needs savings, anyway?

    With a bottom in real estate speculation, the next great boom in condos and waterfront homes is about to begin. Might be a great time to buy some of those abandoned homes - lots in Florida, CA and CO from the big builders.

    Stock markets around the world will never correct. Straight up is the only path they can take. $100bbl oil? $200bbl oil? No problem... buy Exxon Mobil stocks.

    $10 gallon gas? WalMart will never feel the pinch. Automakers will still crank out their high-margin SUVs to a crowd of eager buyers.

    Potential war with Iran? War is good for our economy! What's the big deal about asking congress for $1+ trillion annually to sponsor the occupation and rebuilding of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc? Either raise taxes or sell more bonds... there must be some more free money around here somewhere.


    Nope, all that doom & gloom talk is just that, talk. No need to worry about long-term ramifications. The world needs our ever-increasing debt to keep the global hamster wheel turning. After all, what would all those emerging countries do without our perpetual black hole of mounting debt? Trade amongst each other in years to come when they've grown to our former size leveraged by our very own M3 volcano?

    Get real!
  4. I really hope you're kidding after last week's meltdown in the subprimes.