Is the rally for REAL this time, or do we retest/break the lows?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by paysense, Oct 30, 2008.

Place your vote and give your reason(s).

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  1. For real - new Bull Market

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  2. Fade the rally - we are going lower

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  3. We haven't seen this Bear Market lows

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  4. I don't care - I'm a day-trader.

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  1. Place your vote and/or give your reason(s) why?

  2. I'll just toss in this res ipsa loquitor quote from another board...

  3. new bull market. I need not repeat why.
  4. gkishot


    stock_trad3r, what's your price target of this bull market for 2008 and beyond?
  5. S2007S


    We haven't seen the market lows yet, for anyone who thinks the next bull market is upon us is a complete FOOL. Sell these rallies and be happy when you get the chance to buy back in when the markets are even lower than they are today.

    This bear market will be the longest in history, remember that.
  6. Dow 14,000 within 15 months
  7. It's a sucker rally, people are so eager to get into this market and not miss the bottom that any small good news pushes the market up and ignoring any bad news.
  8. Voter fraud in multiple states will create a tailspin on Wednesday.
  9. lol how little you know
  10. Call me stupid but I still think we need to close at dow 7700. After that happens than I would be more interested in going long.
    #10     Oct 30, 2008