Is the proposed Brexit Trade Deal Legal?

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    Wait for the outcome and sue then whoever you want. You cannot sue "before the crime has happened". And as you are sure about your case you will surely win. Or not.
    If two parties agree and make a legally binding contract you will have a hard job. Rules can be changed if all parties agree on it.
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  2. The original illegal act happened during the Euro Crisis, if the new trade deal was to go through it would be illegal. You can prevent something illegal from happening as well as sue after the event. I want the UK government to sue for the failure of economic governance which occurred during the Euro Crisis. This is grounds for withdrawal and provides constitutional requirement.
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    It is rather naive to assume that you are the only one with proper understanding of the law. All the EU countries, including the UK, must have have their experts in EU law.
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    It's full panic now. UK has paid over 100 million GBP to ferry companies to have transport capacity when things get blocked.
    UK government asks shop owners to hire security to protect their shops when people start to panic and buy big quantities of food for the case there will be a shortage. There might be violence and riots.
    EU confirmed, on demand of Scotland,that UK can till the last moment cancel the Brexit unilateral.
    UK minister of Foreign affairs, Jeremy Hunt, warns that it is not excluded that there will be no Brexit.
    Peter Hargreaves (British billionaire) and Cripsin Odey (hedgefundmanager) even think that the UK will stay in the EU. These 2 sponsors paid huge amounts to get the UK out of the EU!!! LOL.
    Latest news:Brexit is likely to be delayed to deal with a backlog of essential laws that need to be passed before the UK leaves the EU. So Brexit will go beyond March 29.

    Soon we will know what the reality is.
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  5. There are legally binding regulations set in the EU Treaties which have not been achieved, this means they are in breach of their contract. It is definitely illegal and the continued failure in stewardship, to attain these future targets, is also against the legally binding regulations. This is a fact the targets were not met or will be impacted by the proposed Brexit agreement.
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    "Legal" is really a meaningless word when it comes to sovereign countries interacting with one another. There are treaties and consequences of violating those treaties, and diplomats speak in terms of those consequences, but you're oversimplifying a remarkably complex concept if you try to reduce inter country interactuons to intra-country civil law terms and concepts.
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  7. It is their own laws they are breaking, the legal framework they set and required to become a member of the EU. This violation of the requirements they set led to the Euro Crisis and then put financial and political pressure on the UK to leave the EU. The whole point of having treaties is to meet the agreements set, when these agreements are broken the contract is in breach and compensation is made or the contract is dissolved.

    A better question to ask is was there a Euro Crisis? Why? Because the ECB, the ESS and the EC failed to implement the targets they were legally bound to achieve. If the EC does not seek the best possible trade deal with the UK it will be a failure in stewardship of the best interests of economic governance, which they are supposed to be providing. It would put the EC's actions outside of its own legal requirements.
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    The EU Empire recognises its 'rules' when it feels like it.

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