Is the POTUS on crack?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crispy, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Crispy



    He wants to cut 400 billion out of the deficit over the next 10 years? 400 measly billion!

    1.2bn billion a day is the interest alone on the national debt.

    Does he know how to do basic math or is he really smoking drugs?
  2. wasnt 400 billion exactly the amount that the tax break for the rich will increase the deficit? net reduction = 0
  3. The guys is inexperienced. What do you want. [​IMG]
  4. Maverick74


    I believe he has stated clearly that he no longer smokes crack. He is done with the crack. His crack days are over. Crack is a thing of the past for him. He is not even interested in crack anymore. He might think about using crack every now and then...sure. But he no longer does it. He has gotten the crack out of his system. Well, most of it. I mean I guess it's possible he is back on crack. You know what they say, once an addict, always an addict. So I guess, yeah, he probably is on crack.
  5. Did Bush ever admit to smoking crack, or did all the boozing he did kill those brain cells that would have allowed him to remember his crack smoking days?


  6. Maverick74


    I bet Obama did more crack then Bush did. :D
  7. Crispy


    Regarding bi-partisan politics - "we need to have an adult conversation about budget cuts"...are you talking to your fucking kids or 330 million people who you work for?

    Regarding job growth in the budget - "theres stuff in there for growth"...stuff...theres stuff in there...well now I feel more confident!

    Really. I mean this what we have sunk to. I remember when a President at least sounded intellectual when he lied to us.

    Is there not one qualified person in the USA just a few notches above this clown to run against him in 2012.
  8. I'll bet he did more too, but I'll bet Bush killed more brain cells with his boozing...

  9. Please name some more qualified (and electable) clowns to run against him, please, please, please...

    No, and not someone as old as Reagan...

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